The Orthodox Christian Youth Movement(OCYM)

The Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM) unit of our church plays a significant role in creating a space for the spiritual and humanitarian growth of young people. They often organise retreats, conferences, educational programs, social activities, and volunteer initiatives to foster spiritual growth and fellowship among young Orthodox Christians. It also offers opportunities for community service, outreach programs, and leadership development, helping young people to become active and responsible members of the Indian Orthodox Church.

Mr. Robin Varghese

Vice President

Ms. Neenu Rachel Philip


Ms. Richa Alex

Joint secretary

Mr. Sam Verghese


Committee Members

Mr. Rinju Kurian

Mr. Noele John Koshy

Mr. Robert Verghese

Ms. Neha Ann Shibu

Ms. Merin V Varghese

Mr. Basil P Biji

Mr. Alexander Biju Isaac