Sunday School

Sunday School is an essential part of the Indian Orthodox Church, with most parishes offering this educational program to children and young adults. At St. George Orthodox Church Kalameseery, our Sunday School has been operating since the establishment of our parish. Mr. Koshy John, our current headmaster, leads a team of dedicated teachers who offer classes from kindergarten to twelfth grade.

Our Sunday School curriculum includes regular coursework, music sessions, Bible studies, and co-curricular activities, all aimed at fostering the spiritual and intellectual growth of our students. We believe that providing a well-rounded education that integrates spiritual learning with academic and social development is critical to nurturing the next generation of Orthodox Christians.

Our teachers are committed to creating a supportive and engaging learning environment for our students. They encourage students to participate in competitions and provide guidance to help them succeed. As a result, our students have achieved notable success in various competitions, including Bible quizzes, public speaking events, and talent contests.

Sunday School is an integral part of our church community, helping to develop and inspire young minds and build a strong foundation for the future of our church. We are proud of our Sunday School program and the dedicated teachers and volunteers who make it possible.

School Administration

Mr Koshy John


Mr Chikku Abraham

Asst. Headmaster